Apple Special Event 09/09/2009

The September 9th 2009, an Apple Special Event occured in San José (CA).

It was the occasion for the firm to introduce us with their newest products/softwares, or at least their latest features on existing products/softwares.

The central topic was the music :

But as usual, Steve Jobs (who got back his CEO status after an 8-months-sick-leave period) talked about few products.

Let’s see some of them.


There’s been more than 30 million iPhones sold since 2007.

75 000 applications in the Appstore, and users downloaded 1.8 billion applications not including updates. Steve announces the new iPhone OS 3.1.

If you follow the link you can see some of the new festures like Genius technology applied to the Appstore or Rongtones for 1.29$ with free previews and one-click purchasing. (30 000 available)

iTunes 9

iTunes is now presented behind a cleaned interface, and you can go « everywhere from everywhere ».

The Genius mixes has been added, it enables the generation of genre playlists based on your iTunes library.

An improved syncing has been set and the App organization for iPhone is finally available ! Here’s a demo.

One of the most important feature is the Home Sharing : You can share your library with 5 computers on the same network. So you won’t need to copy your whole library ine every home computers, and you can still copy some of the songs with a simple drag’n’drop from the shared playlist to yours.

When you buy a title/album with iTunes LP, it brings you not only the music, but you can have add-ons like pictures, videos , lyrics and artist notes.

iPod Touch 3G

Since 2007, Apple sold 20 million iPod Touch’s in addition of the 30 million iPhones.

It’s still the greatest iPod on the market, and is becoming a great portable game device with plenty of games.

Here's a chart showing the number of titles for different gaming platforms.

Nnumber of titles for different gaming platforms.

iPod touch 8Gb : 199 $/€ —— iPod touch 32Gb : 299 $/€ —— iPod touch 64Gb : 399 $/€

About the 32 and 64 Gb, Apple made them up to twice as fast thanks to OpenGL|ES.

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle 2009

iPod Shuffle 2009

This is still the smallest music player as you can see on this real-sized picture.

controls are on the headset.

A single clic on the command can to play/pause/control the volume…

Voice over technology is helping you to get a song name, playlist name or the status of the battery.

It’s proposed in 5 colors (polished anodized aliminium)

iPod Shuffle 2Gb : 59 $/€ —— iPod Shuffle 4Gb : 79 $/€

iPod Nano 5G

The Nano evolved with the addition of the video feature :

  • You can capture images with built-in camera video and a microphone.
  • Listen to the sound of the videos with a speaker.
  • You can download each wideo on your computer or share it through Youtube.

An FM radio is for the first time on an Apple product. This is, in my opinion, one the most waited feature.

iPod nano 8Gb : 149 $/€ ——– iPod nano 16Gb : 179 $/€


This special event was satisfying, we saw new products, new sofware and the whole iPod section has been updated.

Some people were upset because they get caught in the rumors, but rumors are only trash and nothing is worthier than information.

We can still wonder why there is not a video camera on the iPod Touch yet ?

Can we blame Apple for only updating their products and not coming with a really breakthrough product ?

Some answers here.